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thought_club's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
thought_club is a moderated debate group created
to mediate the exchange of ideas through arguing opposing points and evidence.

This is a FORMAL debate board. We use logic and evidence to support our arguments.
Personal feelings hold no proof or bearing on debates.
We want controversial topics: religion, science, politics, ect.
Please have evidence to back up your claims, and how you feel is NOT evidence.
de·bate ,
v. debatede
v. intr.
1. To consider something; deliberate.
2. To engage in argument by discussing opposing points.
3. To engage in a formal discussion or argument.


  1. Name calling of an individual is not an acceptable at any time.
    What you said is ignorant and stupid.
    Not acceptable
    You are ignorant and stupid.

  2. When asking a question or advancing a theory, please present all the
    relevant facts and observations available to you in the original post. We
    are most interested in controversial subjects! 

  3. Please no prayers or preaching.

  4. Do not be afraid to disagree. We will not advance in discussion if
    everyone agrees, even if your feelings are against popular opinion!! If its
    obvious and everyone can agree on it, we're not going to accomplish much
    by just saying "Yeah, I agree." ;-) 

  5. We will delete entries that slander the moderators, members, and/or the forum. 

  6. Please stick to debates outside of personal matters inside the journal.
    Leave drama off the mainboard. This means you have a problem with a moderator
    decision you e-mail me, not use the mainboard. If you have any questions
    or do not fully understand the rules, please contact the moderator
    so I may clarify or answer any questions you have about the board. Please
    take advantage of this, otherwise down the road if you get pissed about the
    rules, I will direct you here where the problem could have been solved!

  7. Course of action:
    1st offense-Warning
    2nd offense-Posting acess will be removed.
    3rd offense-Banned indefinately.

  8. All off topic posts WILL be deleted and you will be banned without warning. This includes
    spamming of your new stupid community, maybe an awful chain e-mail or advertisements.
    Keep it in your personal journal.

Other helpful hints and tibits

  • Posts in this forum will consist of the issue you present, clarification of said issue, and finally a position on that issue.

  • Fallacies are frowned upon. To learn more about fallacies and the dangers
    contained therein, we suggest visiting the following site:
    The Fallacy List

  • Banning can happen when rules are broken upon discretion of the moderator.

  • Be prepared for people to argue against what you have to say. After
    all, this is a debate board.

  • Contact iworshipsatin with any problems, qualms or
    questions. If we have some kind of conflict, or someone breaking the rules of
    thought_club, it is necessary to involve the moderator rather than starting a
    big "pissing contest." 

iworshipsatin @ livejournal.com

If you want to spam messages about your new stupid community try community_promo.

If you enjoy thought_club, also try views, abstractthought, debate, sports_debate, logic_forum, 4change, modestproposal and rational_disco.

This is not a board for random thoughts, questions, your crappy poetry or community polls. Please find the appropriate community for your post.

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